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MS Track Results

By Gerry Keesling | Apr 27, 2023 3:22 PM

The Middle School Track team has opened with 2 victories for both the Boy’s team and the Girl’s team. Last week, the boys team defeated Union County 70-48 and Seton 70-4. Scoring for the Knights were Trenton Deloney and Quanell Denton in the hurdles, Corbin Isaacs and Luke Brock in the sprints, Khyler Phillips and Gavin Platt in the 400 and 4X400 Relay, Brody Ross and Luke Wiley in the 1600, Noah Duvall and Colton Bostic in the Shot Put and Discus, and Jackson Wellin in the Long Jump. On Wednesday, the boys defeated Union City, Anderson Prep, and Richmond. Helping to lead the way were the 4X100 Relay team (Trenton Deloney, Luke Brock, Caden Retter, and Corbin Isaacs) and the 4X400 Relay team (Khyler Phillips, Luke Wiley, Quanell Denton, and Brody Ross). The girls defeated Union County 56-33 and Seton 56-36. Scoring in the meet were Amiyah Davis in the sprints, Aubrey Neagle and Hayden Neagle in the 1600 and 800, Kamdyn Sum in the 200, and Kylie Berger and Haylee Brown in the Shot Put and Discus, On Wednesday, the girls defeated Union City 66.5 -21, Richmond 66.5-41.5, and Anderson Prep 66.5-0. Winning for the Knights were Amiyah Davis (100, 200, 400, and LongJump), Hayden Neagle (1600 and 800), Haylee Brown (Shot Put), and 4X400 Relay (Aubrey Neagle, Bella Green, Ava Spradling, Hayden Neagle).