Knights News · High School Winter Basketball games at Northeastern

This winter sports season presents some very unique challenges, perhaps even more unique than the fall sports season. Wayne County is currently in the Orange level so there are very strict guidelines placed on our sporting events.

Listed below are the spectator restrictions and other important COVID-19 guidelines. Again, we know this isn’t ideal, but we are doing this for our athletes and their families. For basketball events, we will be implementing the following plan:

• Per the Governor’s mandate and the IHSAA’s directive, masks will be required for all spectators. ***Any spectators refusal to wear masks will be asked to leave.***
• Masks are also required for players (except when they are on the court) and coaches. (Wayne County Directive)
• Only players who will play are to be dressed and in attendance. (Wayne County Directive)
• Each dressed player will be allowed 2 tickets. (Wayne County Directive)
▪ NOTE: If you do not have a ticket, you will NOT be admitted to the game.
◦ Each fan will turn in the ticket they were given at the gate and pay for it upon arrival.
 Varsity Games $6.00
◦ Home fans will sit on the Southside of gym while – Visiting fans will sit in the upper Northside of the gym
◦ Spectators will sit in “family groups.” We will socially distance as much as possible.
• Cheerleading, bands, or other spirit activities are not permitted. (Wayne County Directive)
• Only the home team scorer, timer, and announcer will be allowed at the scorer’s table.
***NO FANS will be allowed on the North lower bleachers where the teams are seated.***
• We will be live-streaming our games to MyTeamLive. More information to come.